About myHostKart

Know about world's #1 hosting provider founded in the summer of 2005

My HostKart is a one of the leading web hosting company in india and also it's a Complete Linux hosting Solution which provide Affordable, Fast, Reliable Web hosting at Cheap Price. Our Hosting Plans won't be out of your budget and also it's suit to small, medium & big Websites. We provide you each and every feature with latest server and scripts that you need to host your website. We maintain 99.9% standard uptime to our server.
Our customers websites are hosted across multiple servers, so that they will not experience any downtime due to any hardware failures, and will enjoy the maximum uptime services. We provide Linux based hosting. All our servers are powered by Cloud-linux for high uptime and server reliability. So join to us and feel the difference.

  • myHostKart is the world's Leading Web hosting provider company.
  • World class 24/7/365 service & competitive prices.
  • Powerful Server .
  • 24/7/365 Live Server Monitoring
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Small company with big goals

My HostKart is a one of the leading web hosting company in india.


Powerful Server


We are Green

All of our servers are wind powered.